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EZ Processing, LLC is a team of consultants and specialists offering a full service management guidance. Our consultants are prepared to perform evaluations and operational business reviews and continue working alongside the physician's medical office staff to implement the action plan. We see the plan through to completion.
1. Education and Training
Billing staff training
Clinical protocols (custom designed for specialty)
Coding for physician(s) and staff
Collection strategies and techniques
Front desk staff training
Personnel management training
2. Practice Management
   Human Resources
Development of job descriptions
Hiring, interviewing and training
Personnel policy and procedure manuals
Competency-based evaluations (forms and procedures)
Performance evaluation training for managers or physicians
   Regulatory Compliance
Develop Compliance Plans including HIPAA policies and procedures
Development of clinical protocols and processes
   Billing System Management
Billing system analysis
Quarterly reviews of billing processes
On-site training of billing and collection processes
Development of policies and procedures
3. Billing and Reimbursement
Detailed fee analysis
Detailed reimbursement analysis
Review reimbursement strategies
Coding and chart audits
Encounter form development and design
Development of coding forms and superbills
Accounts Receivable review and recommendations
Development and implementation of collection procedures
Development of policies, procedures and forms associated with the billing process